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Jean-Michel Proto
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

Good morning Framer,

My aim is to make a transition between two amounts in a text layer as smooth as possible. I've set numbers to be monospaced, and used the template formatter to display two decimals.

However, not as smooth as planned. I've found out that when the transition has to display values ending with a 0, this one is not displayed at all, breaking the 2 decimals rule. It makes the width of the amount change multiple times during the transition, making the element wiggle.

Is there anything I can do to force the display of the 0?
Thank you!


Alan Travis

We just did an animated ticker for a project...

My immediate thought(s) having just opened your project is that you'll have an easier time if you break the dollars and cents into two different parts, and then animate the increment/decrement of a total "non-decimal amount"... that non-decimal bit implies that you store 1.00 as 100, so you understand than 100 is really 1.00... this allows you to ensure that you don't loose the fractional parts.

I'll do a quick mod to your prototype and show you some of what I mean.

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