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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Happy Sunday, Framerers. ✌️ Meet the Framer Input—a new module that allows you to create fully functional input fields and text areas in both Design and Code.

✅ Input Class
✅ Input.wrap Method
✅ iOS Keyboard Simulator
✅ 5 Examples

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Lukas Guschlbauer

Ah finally! 🎉

Oleksii Pishtar

I love you, Banjamin

Ed Krówki

Yes! I've been waiting for this for so long! awesome!

Lương Đức Duy

Somehow Framer will become a real editor in the future :)

Jon Madison

i cry now

Jon Madison

seriously. this is major. weeping

Jon Madison

i love how low key the presentation is vs what it does...some of the more minor stuff you've done have the fanfare this one really deserves. hahaha <3

Oleksii Pishtar

Just tested it on my current project, works perfectly

Iougo Huan

Lucas Pazin cry

George Kedenburg III

Sergey Voronov

why sunday:)?

Márcio Ribeiro


Jay Stakelon


Enrico Capone

Awesome, something I really need in my next project!

Joshua Asokanthan

Mark J Harvey

Andrew Aquino

Cool! Anyway to get keyboard animations in demo video?

Hugo Noorlander

Steven de Lange Ons leven is compleet!

Matt Reed

Dave Shih Ryan Ma wasn’t one of you looking for something like this?

Ben Picard

Gabe Landau :0

Paul Jordy Ochoa

Jair Silva

Lukas Guschlbauer

Will you add input „types“ too in addition to text and textarea? Number, file etc... 👏

James McKay

That's great! Does it include different language keyboards?

Dan Wu


Jacky Lee


Justin Ma

Yeeeeeeeeessss! Been waiting for this.

Jonathan Liang

Brandon Lane finally lol was trying to fig this out forever

Mohammed Morsi

Benjamin Den Boer that's great but what if I want to create an array of input fields with the same design elements. Is there an easy way to do it via a simple loop?

Yasin Arık

Can we modify the keyboards for several other android presentations

Ciaran Madigan

This is obviously absolutely fantastic, but can I ask, how come you didn't bake it in to the product itself?

Ban Nguyen

looks like it does not display correctly if using canvas, paddings are off.

Jonathan Liang

trying to look at the examples but its telling me that its been created by a newer version of framer. however framer tells me i am up to date?

Denis Lesak

Super sweet Benjamin Den Boer Thanks for the post and the hard work. I just set this up and the placeholder text is not in the same place on both Design and Code. I tried adjusting placement in Code and that doesn't seem to work either -

Marc Krenn

Well, this is legit (and loooong overdue :P).

Congrats and thanks, Benjamin (y)

Kamaljeet Dhiman

thank you so much! This came in at just the right time for me :D

Kamaljeet Dhiman

I was trying to use this module for a password field, but it seems that as of now, there is no option to convert regular text to asterisk/circular characters. Any way to go about doing this correctly?

Marco Paglia

This is awesome! It seems to work well when I simulate on an iPhone 8, however other sizes (X or Plus) render the font super small and crops the text field. Anyone had the same issue?

Bhaskar Ravi

This works great on iPhone X! Thanks so much. Anybody know of a keyboard module that works with the larger screen sizes as well?

Maximilian Bredow

Awesome feature, thanks Benjamin! Also looking at how to make this iPhone X compatible. Right now I am having issues with the bottom navbar. Is there any event such as "InputLayer.onInputFocusEnd" at which I could display the bottom navbar again?

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