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Giles Perry
Posted Nov 12 - Read on Facebook

I stumbled on some bugs for Mouse events on Text Layers.
1. A mouseOut event is triggered when you move from the padding to the text. I was expecting the padding and text to be considered as one element.
2. When you click the button I run some code to change the button states. After that a mouseOver event is triggered whenever the mouseMoves and you only get a mouseOut event when you move the mouse out of the button area vertically. If you move out horizontally the event isn't triggered.


Bhaskar Ravi

I'm literally getting a similar problem with Mouse events. Think it's a bug. I'll create a separate post, but basically having issues with child / parent layers and mouseOver / Out.

Jonas Treub

Niels might be able to help.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think I’ve been seeing events propagate when I didn’t expect them to this week as well.

O'Ryan McEntire

This looks like a bubbling / propagation issue and has to do with the way framer builds html and attaches events to dom elements.

You can get around this for now by preventing bubbling or propagation of events in your code.

in your functions you can use either:


Stops the bubbling of an event to parent elements, preventing any parent handlers from being notified of the event.


return false;

Prevents the browser from executing the default action. This is often inappropriate for propagation issues but as a last resort can sometimes fix the issue. May have other side effects though.

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