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Joseph Reni
Posted Nov 11 - Read on Facebook

So I'm really considering switching my entire design kit over to Framer but have a couple of concerns, I'm hoping I might get feedback on.

1. coffee-script: I've been investing a lot of time and money into learning this format.That said, there has been a lot of talk about moving to ES6 which will offer a lot of advantages but inject a lot of syntax tax on rapid prototyping. I'd love to get a better idea if this change is coming for sure and what the timeline is. ES6 convolutes a lot of things that make coffee-script really simple - as a non-developer keeping that barrier as low as possible is really important.

2. Price: So my third renewal is now coming up and it seems every time the price has gone up about $20 (yearly) - It's hard to make big decisions a moving target - I'd love to better understand future costs and a possible stasis.

Those are my two major concerns in making decisions about moving my entire design workflow over to framer. Anyone have any thoughts on the subjects or insights?


Josh Peters

The pricing model works to the benefit of both the user and maker. You always have the software and they have a potential steady supply of revenue to make the software better.

I'm not sure I understand the injustice you're implying.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Es6 will happen. I haven’t heard anything definitive yet... but it will be done with care as there’s a good reason why they chose coffee script.

Jason Sparks

I’m a UX designer and I tried switching to Framer as my entire design kit but came into problems. At this stage I should probably say I work mainly on multi page/screen, mobile first sites. In the end I had to go back to using Sketch for my final designs because of two key features lacking in the design tab of Framer - nested Symbols and shared style libraries.
I now do low to mid-fidelity designs/wireframes/prototypes in Framer to user test and validate designs early on but end up doing my final designs in Sketch, dragging the most up-to-date symbols from our shared style guide for producing a pixel perfect final design specification document.
Framer is still an amazing tool though, and for prototyping things with limited pages/screens where UI is key to the user experience then it really is awesome and worth the money either way.

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