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Ali Groening
Posted Nov 13 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to make changes (change it's height, enable mouse wheel scrolling, ect.) to the scroll component that gets attached when using a flow component? I have multiple pages that I am using the flow component to move between and I am setting the flow.scroll to have certain settings, most importantly enable mouse wheel scrolling, which works just fine on the first page, but once I navigate to the next page in the flow, mouse wheel scrolling is disabled and I cannot re-enable it. Also, I am slightly confused that there are multiple scroll components showing up in the layers section as I navigate between pages. Does that mean there are multiple scroll components?


Ali Groening

BTW, I'm relatively new to framer

Alan Travis

updateContent() is a function you'll need to use when updating the height of your ScrollComponent...

Regarding losing the mouseWheelEnabled after moving to the next page in the flow... I would have to verify by looking at the, but I can see how it does make sense to create a new scroll component for each screen as you showNext()

The module is looking at the height of the content you need to display for each screen and deciding only then if you need a scroll component or not.

Have you tried enabling the mouse wheel after your call to showNext()?

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