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Matt Asanuma
Posted Nov 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys! Does anyone know the minimum system requirements and the suggested system requirements for Framer? I'm new to framer but I want to start building a UX/UI portfolio and skillset, so I'm buying a used mac to get me started. Do you think a circa 2011 imac or mac mini would run framer well? Also, I couldn't find the specs on their site, which is why I'm reaching out here. Thanks in advance!


Matt Asanuma


Nick McVey

im not sure about the reqs but i know that any version after 103 needs sierra to work so as long as the computer can run that it should be fine.

Matt Asanuma

ok - I've never owned a mac before. the OS upgrades are free right?

Nick McVey

They are free but they're not always supported on older systems. You should be ok with a Mac mini. My co-workers have '13 and '14 Macs and they're fine

Matt Asanuma

Hmm. The system im looking at is a 2011 imac with a i5 processor. I think its runming high sierra. Does that sound too old?

O'Ryan McEntire

If it can run modern safari it should be fine with Framer.

Thomas Mirnig

Apple provides a list of supported Hardware for every major macOS Release:

If yours is on the list, you‘re safe to use at least the latest version of macOS 😊 Unfortunately I can‘t tell what hardware requirements Framer needs.

Jithesh Ramesh

I have a 2010 Mac Mini with 8GB ram l running macOS High Sierra and it runs Framer like butter

Matt Asanuma

thanks everyone for the help!

Matt Asanuma

Jithesh Ramesh, do you know what processor your mac mini has? is it an i3, i5, or i7?

Matt Asanuma

Thomas Mirnig, Thank you! that list is very helpful!

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