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Naveen Rajadhyaksha
Posted Nov 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey y'all weird request but worth asking, would anyone wanna be my framer mentor?

I am relatively new to the program and while I can build my prototypes I feel like there are better/faster ways to do so. What I am hoping to do is essentially like a code review (via facetime etc) but with framer? If anyone is interested I would be eternally grateful.


Ban Nguyen

I feel the same, I would love to join this group where we can review each other code and come up with a better way to do it.

Josh Peters

Cultivate those gardens!

Naveen Rajadhyaksha

If people want to maybe start a little facebook messaging group we could also do that? Maybe like 5-6 of us who just look and review each others code.

Yaron Tamuz

Im in too

Naveen Rajadhyaksha

Ban, Yaron I will start the group. If anyone else would like to join, Probably cap at 10 people. Like this message and I'll add you.

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