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Argiris Bendilas
Posted Nov 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi people!

Is lazy execution supported in Framer? I'm trying to do the following:

msg1 = () =>
name: "George"
message: "Hello!"
timestamp: "21:28"

msg2 = () =>
name: "Paul"
message: "Hi there!"
timestamp: "21:28"

showMessage: (msg_id, delay=0) ->
msg = this.getMessage(msg_id)

Utils.delay delay, =>
msg.visible = true

When I call showMessage() I would like the individual message to be created on demand, but it doesn't seem to work. Instead ALL messages are created at once. 🤔

Any ideas?


Argiris Bendilas


Alan Travis

There's not enough code or context for me to be able to see what you're asking the system to do with code...

Creating on demand is possible, you do it every time you use the word 'new' in code.

It looks like you might be wanting to create a message class...

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