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Argiris Bendilas
Posted Nov 07 - Read on Facebook

I've been looking at tutorials and reading on Framer for the past couple of days.

My understanding is that when importing from Sketch, we basically bring in static images, which can only be animated in regards to their position/visibility, but that's about it.

Unless I'm missing something, does that mean that in order to create a prototype where at least some of the elements are dynamic (e.g. a countdown timer) you need to design everything again in Framer? 🤔


Aalok Trivedi


Aalok Trivedi

or at least only the parts you need to be dynamic

Argiris Bendilas

When importing a Sketch file of multiple artboards, how do you tell Framer which one to display first?

Bonus question: how do you jump to another one next?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Joseph Reni

framer inventory imports some styles and elements into code.

Gustavonando Silva

Better design directly on framer design

Ruben Raditya

i hope this will help you ..

let say you're going to give states to a button..
always create groups "stateOn" and "stateOff"..

stateOn is the one that you want that button react when its onTap,onMouseOver,onClick, or else

and stateOff is the reverse ..

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