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Stan Tan
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, have some questions on how to use input module:

1) Trying to prototype out the input field behaviour to be able to limit the typing at the maxLength set (current set: 14)

2) As you can see there's a SAVE button below, how do i make it stick to the top of the keyboard? (eg. btn_save.parent = keyboard ??)


Thanks in advance!


Derek Nguyen

weird, maxlength and pattern doesn't work with input type number for some reasons? I guess you could either use text / tel, or limit it using input event like
cardInput.on Events.Input, (v) ->
--if v.length > 14
[email protected] = v

Not sure about saving things onto the keyboard, if we're talking about the OS provided keyboard, I'm not sure if it's possible :-/ maybe you could look into faking the top part of the keyboard?

Jithesh Ramesh

I got a similar UI working by adding the “Save” button in another layer and aligning that layer to the bottom of the screen. When the keyboard comes up the layer automatically get pushed up

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