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Xinghe Hu
Posted Nov 08 - Read on Facebook

I am a newbie of Framer, I am working on a timer prototype now. The 30 second count down timer works. But I meet a problem that when I want to press “+2m” button to add two minutes to my timer(still countdown), it doesn't work. I use the Dynamic Type template for my timer.
This is my framer link:

Thank you for your help.


Derek Nguyen

It looks like you can't simply add time to time.template.time and have it count down, because you are using animation to count down number.

In order to add time, the animation has to be stopped & restarted after time is added. Initially I simply created a new Animation and gave it a name, however, animation's options.time has to match the amount of seconds being countdown. This means we have to create a new animation on the fly every time more time is added. I add method `countTo()` to `time` to create new animation and update the template at the same time.

This seems to work out fine:

Maybe you should look into using `setInterval` to count down instead, it could give you a bit more flexibility in manipulating time

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