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Dimitri Faust
Posted Nov 05 - Read on Facebook

[ Hekp ]

Hello, I'm really beginner on Framer. To import my files from Sketch I understood. But to display the artboard that I want, I encounter difficulties. For example, I have two artboards in my sketch file. I can not do a classic flow = new FlowComponent and then do a simple "showNext".

How to display the artboard that I want?
How to use the technique of "flow = new FlowComponent
flow.showNext (Welcome) "


Derek Nguyen

if you're importing from Sketch, your artboards are stored in an object that is named `sketch` by default, so give this a try: instead of flow.showNext(Welcome), do flow.showNext(sketch.Welcome) -- hope that will resolve your issue

Dimitri Faust

yes it works, fiouuuuuuu thank you very much

Dimitri Faust


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