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Michelle Chu
Posted Nov 04 - Read on Facebook

Hello! I'm vetting this tool for offsite user testing, and am weeding through documentation. Can anyone quickly tell me if Framer has the following capabilities?
- sharable desktop links that can be previewed without comments, having to login to Framer, or having a Framer account
- desktop links can be previewed on Mac or PC
- Mobile prototypes can be previewed on device without logging into Framer or installing the Framer App

Appreciate your help in advance—I know Framer pushed out a lot of features lately. Thanks!


Ciaran Madigan

The primary method for sharing is Framer Cloud, which can house all your prototypes and make them shareable.
The shared links from the cloud do not require anything other than a browser to be viewed.

The framer files themselves can be zipped and shared, but they cannot be used without Framer Studio being installed.

Mobile prototypes can be viewed in any mobile browser, but if the prototype is of an app rather than a web-app, then unfortunately you're going to have to live with the address bar of the browser itself.

I've used many Framer prototypes on and it's gone very well. However I've never figured out a good way for asking the user to download the framer app and test on their device.

Ivor Sangala

You can test framer without the app installed. I code Framer in a text editor and use a local HTML server and point to the index.html . Should work on Windows or Mac.

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