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Denis Lesak
Posted Nov 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey all. Am working on a dropdown animation and got everything working in terms of the dropdown itself. The area I am having trouble with is making hover and select states appear. Curious if anyone can nudge me in the right direction. -


Aalok Trivedi

So I commented out some of your initial code and created my own in a cold fold at the bottom. I also created some grouping in your dropdown design to clean things up and make things easier to access when you code.

Denis Lesak

Aalok Trivedi Thank you! Now I am trying to get the item selected to be displayed in the Title layer. That is what this code was doing correctly earlier. -
for item in Content1.children
item.onClick (event, layer) ->
Title1.text = layer.text

Denis Lesak

Aalok Trivedi Also I appended your code to try to get the selected item to display a blue background. Thus, like any dropdown, once you reopen the menu it should show the user which item is selected. I assume I did this incorrectly -

Denis Lesak

Aalok Trivedi Sorry. Wrong link. Here is the correct one -

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