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Adam Mazurick
Posted Nov 01 - Read on Facebook

How do I add Montserrat black to this project? I followed the documentation but the prototype is not rendering the font correctly. I pass in the second argument which is a number of 900 that corresponds to the Black weight and no luck. Can someone please show me where I'm erring?


Pavel Laptev

weird. To solve this just write font2 = Utils.loadWebFont("Montserrat:400,700,800,900")
or like that font2 = Utils.loadWebFont("Montserrat", "900") and the usual way works for me as well

Adam Mazurick

Pavel Laptev thank you very much. I understand. I found it odd that I have to set the font weight argument and then assign the weight again as a property. Thank you kindly.

Pavel Laptev

Glad to help you :-) Also, if you need different weights and one font you could write it like that) But you need to reload your prototype every time you will add a new weight in Utils.loadWebFont to see changes :-)

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