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Alexandre Lordelo
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
Is it possible to create a production website using framer?


Mohammed Morsi

Nothing is impossible but it’s not really built to produce production code. I would strongly advice not to use it but rather use other framer-works/libraries

Brian Williams

Yes but why would you want to?

Aalok Trivedi

technically yes, but you realllllllyyy don't want to and it's not what it was built for. It'll be so much more work than its worth. Framer is optimized for interactions, not production-grade skeletal structures and layouts.

Charles Grugan

For future maintainability it would be much better to code the site yourself, or use Wordpress if it’s something that you’ll have to hand off to someone else to maintain.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Think of Framer as a Design tool just like prínciple or invision. On the other hand if you insist there's nothing that stops you from doing so , I've seen guys do prototyping in react when it wasn't meant for that. The thing I would consider is wether the website is important for your career or just an experiment , if it's a serious thing than needs to be maintainable you'll be better off writing it in bootstrap, WP or vanilla HTML

Jeff B. Léonard

Design it in sketch and use a plugin to export the html... if you must.

Ahmad Kadhim

If you’re looking for a designer-oriented solution to building static websites, you can try the Auto Layout and Launchpad plug-ins for Sketch.

Alternatively for a more web-native rich experience, you can use Webflow which has a GUI that directly conforms to HTML/CSS values and positioning.

O'Ryan McEntire

You definitely can, but you definitely shouldn’t.

I would encourage you to check out something like Macaw.

Ladislav Šulc

Macaw was bought by Invision. Rather try

Melvin Eudell Hogan


Jesper Fagerlund

Use Webflow for that

Muhammad Athar

It would be similar to using xhtml tables to build your website 😕

Alexandre Lordelo

thanks everyone! the plan was to build a frontend in Framer, and have the backend as APIs. Ex, using Moltin for e-commerce, Contentful for CMS, etc
This way the development would not be limited by terrible cluttered stuff like Wordpress. And would be awesome to have the power of designing the fronted on Framer.

But from the answers , it's a totally "no"! lol

Johnny Garces

you might want to check out webflow- you can develop a website as you design it.

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