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Marc Krenn
Posted Nov 05 - Read on Facebook

The #ease - module adds a Utils.ease function, which allows for non-linear modulation / #easing of values.

Example / module:
Github repo:

"Ease" replaces my previous attempt at easings – some of you may remember – which was utterly broken. This should work as intended.

Available Easings:
#linear, #sine, #quad, #circ, #quart, #quint, #expo, #back, #bounce, #elastic


Marc Krenn

Little known fact that I'm very proud of: The previous version of this module was used to prototype Android N's quick settings transition 😎

Marc Krenn

This module now also comes with a function called Utils.randomNumberBiased() that returns a random number that is biased using one of the supported easing functions.

Example 1 – instant, n = 10.000:
Example 2 – animated, 100 samples / tick:

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