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Cezary Ołowski
Posted Oct 19 - Read on Facebook

I have a frustrating problem and I do not know how to solve it. I'm trying to use EventListener with inputs, so when you press "ENTER" the label and a tick will turn green. But when you do that, suddenly a strange grey layer appears on top. It also happens on Cloud.
Do I have bad syntax here or this is something else?


Cezary Ołowski

I noticed that this new layer is somehow created by the input module.
Adria Jimenez can you please have a look, if you have a moment?

Chris Bindloss

Did you set the virtual keyboard property to false? It looks like it is trying to bring up the keyboard.png

Adria Jimenez

Cezary Ołowski as Chris Bindloss says, it's the keyboard.png image (which you didn't add, so it's missing and presents an empty layer). As he says, just turn the virtual keyboard property to false or add the keyboard.png image to the modules folder and that will make the grey layer disappear :)

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