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Aaron James
Posted Oct 19 - Read on Facebook

I'm running into an interesting set of problems. I'm listening for an onDragMove event for my scroll component. When the onDragMove event reaches a certain threshold, the header layer will begins to scroll with the scroll component. This interaction works perfectly when the screen is at 100% zoom. Once the screen is scaled, the onDragMove threshold seems to move... so that is problem 1.

Problem 2. As soon as I view this on my iPhone, the prototype no longer sees the onDragMove event, effectively breaking the prototype...

Any suggestions?


Aaron Carámbula

Koen here’s a thing I didn’t expect to say today: “that wasn’t a problem in 2013…” 😂

Jay Stakelon

Oh dude I think I got you with problem #2: listen for the Scroll event and pull out the touchEvent.clientY value which should work on mobile, and use that as the thing to determine whether the touch is past that threshold you've set

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