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Niels van Hoorn
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey there! It’s been an exciting day for the design world. Today we’re excited to introduce something we know you’ve been waiting for—Framer Export. Now you can share your work and export your designs at any point in the design cycle. Whether you’re exporting early mockups or polished final assets for clients, Framer Export caters to all your sharing needs.

Plus, you can even copy accurate CSS values for pasting into your favorite editor or sharing with developers for a smooth handoff.

Get ready to share more than just high-fidelity prototypes with Framer —


Joseph Reni

The way framer handles grouping as parent-child relationships is perfect. I'd love to see future iterations of the css export reflect exporting the child css as well. Great release.

Muhammad Athar

When will Framer completely transform into Sketch or will it ever 😕
The question will still remain how useful this will be for us in our daily workflow. Will people switch?

Antonija Mimi

Gimme symbols baby and I’m yours


literally looking for ways to export yesterday, and today here it is!
Amazing work Framer team

Jithesh Ramesh

Love your video bg music, who is the musician 🤘🏼

Stanislav Petrina

Bill Harvey


Benjamin E Saravia

Interesante! It wasn’t a good day for Sketch...
Did you see today’s Invision Studio?

Taylor Palmer

Congrats guys, this is a good step.

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