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John Smith
Posted Oct 17 - Read on Facebook

I've been running into a strange issue when importing my own icons as SVG's. When I output them via sketch I will edit the file via a text editor to remove the ' fill="#FFFFFF" ' attribute. By doing this I've found that I have complete control much like the icon used in the icons panel. Yet when I position them in my layout, via design view, when I view it on the code side the icon is shift 20 pixels below from where I position it (on the design view). I have to offset the 20 pixels to match the design when viewing via the code view. Is there a reason why this is happening? Is it because I've removed the fill attribute in the svg file?


John Smith

here is an example of what I am referring to. The icon shift about 4 pixels down when viewing it in the code view but when you view it in the design view it exactly within the bounds of the circle.

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