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Joseph Reni
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

does anyone know why if I use
y: Align.bottom if I want to add additional pixels to it, I have to remove the space from after the + sign. so "y: Align.bottom +4" but if i'm not using Align.bottom there HAS to be a space. I'm not a developer so go easy on me.


Lukas Guschlbauer

In Javascript (or any language I know) you don’t have to indicate a positive integer with a plus, so when you use Align.bottom() you don‘t have to type the plus for indicating a positive value. You‘ll just type Align.bottom(4). Since Framer uses coffeescript you don’t have to write the brackets, so Align.bottom 4 should work...
Writing +(space)4 makes it an equation, so you‘re adding 4 to something.

Joseph Reni

ahh. makes sense thanks

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