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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 18 - Read on Facebook

This weeks Oculus keynote by John Carmack reminded me of his talk (or lecture) about physics, light and rendering. While the contents might sound heavy, his ability to explain it in an understandable way for anyone is extraordinary.

Understanding the base techniques to emulate parts of reality on computers is comparable to understanding presses and ink for print designers, in my opinion. And just fun to learn.

If you have an afternoon to spare, watch the whole thing and exponentially increase your knowledge on computers, nature and the whole universe.


Adam Mazurick

Good article Koen Bok Will Framer consider adding vrcomponent visibility to the Design Tab?

Adam Mazurick

AR Prototyping? A basic camera feed from the local hardware with basic positional tracking...that would be epic.

Adam Mazurick

Prototyping with Unity is often very involved and time consuming. I am researching Social Experiencing Design and I have to rely on Unity and alot of c# scripting and canvas object scripting to make a decent prototype. I'd rather explore, validate and iterate in a Framer environment that handles fast iteration better. Have you seen AR Remote for unity? That degree of prototyping would help my velocity immeasurably.

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