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JinJu Jang
Posted Oct 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, here is a fun prototype to share. (Waaaaa it's 3D!!)

Telling the truth, this one is seriously simple to implement despite how it looks. Nothing is made with real 3D or svg, they are 6 squares with simple X, Y rotations. (Based on Muhammad Athar 's code.)

For animation, x2 looping animations at the end.

If you are even more interested in this topic, here is where it all began. Fun!


Muhammad Athar


Muhammad Athar

I love how you work with colors JinJu Jang.

Dennis Hendrik Adriaan

Nice colors indeed.

Muhammad Athar

JinJu Jang Are you aware of this:

Cezary Ołowski

Looking great! Nice one! 👍

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