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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

Dear Framer users. What are you favorite JavaScript interface frameworks besides Framer and why? What great parts should Framer also offer in a future version?


Oleksii Pishtar

not a JS expert, but what I do miss in framer are pre-build-in web UI elements: editboxes, comboboxes, radiobuttons, etc

Muhammad Athar

Our team is trying to write an automation script where every build could also generate a framer component corresponding to front-end components. This way prototyping would become faster.

Andric Tham

React’s great in that it always re-renders based on state changes. The way you use it is also declarative and functional, not imperative and object-oriented like in Framer.

Also, everything in Framer is absolutely-positioned, and while using CSS is supported, we lose the benefit of auto-code and editor autocomplete. Is there any chance Flexbox and native CSS properties can be first-class citizens of Framer?

Alex Boschmans

Tried adding a poll option “I don’t know what you mean” to represent those without knowledge of these frameworks, but damn autocorrect !

Javier Eduardo Treviño

maybe adding ES6 / ES7 support, and more powerful and extensive capabilities on things like SVG Animation, CSS Modules, even if we stick to CoffeeScript , I'd like to have better docs on all the features of the library inside of the context of Framer Studio.

Jesse Kuntz

People prefer what they are familiar with.

Kenneth Spry

Fine-grained control of svg would be amazing, especially if we could do things like making paths on the fly.

Andrew Liebchen

JSX is a great syntax. Love declarative state management and the defined relationship btwn components in React

Dalton Ridenhour

I would like to use Framer functionality inside a Vue/React component. In other words, I'd prefer to use Framer for pieces of an app.

Alvaro Lourenço

My two cents here...

Framer is really ok as a framework to build design oriented prototypes. Much of these options would escalate framework capabilities way beyond what designers would actually use.

However, I do see some space for Three.js within it. Most of 3D prototyping required for AR and VR urges for a designer friendly tool to drive real adoption.

Joe Howard

I don’t think it’s right to start with what technologies are missing, instead I’d suggest looking at what is hard to make in Framer and then figure out what tech could make it easier.

What I’d like to see is the Design tab add a library of standard UI elements that can be drag-and-dropped on to artboards like Interface Builder.

I’d also like to see better path creation and animation capabilities.

Jim Zarkadas

VueJS because of its small learning curve (easier for designers). Also the concept of visual reactive components would be smth that I would really like to see in Framer. And by visual I mean being able to edit them in the design tab :-)

German Bauer

If I only had something like Framer to explore mockups for ar and yes three.js would be killer. Very few approachable and quick tools in this area.

Ee Venn Soh

Have been using p5js and GSAP in Framer. Just love how GSAP handles motion and SVG so easily. p5.js when you want some canvas particle effect. Will be great to see something like VR eg: A-frame gets added to it.

Davo Galavotti

What about coffescript 2.0? Are you planning to support it? Given the fact that CS2 now transpiles ES6 code; also we got support to aync functions & JSX sounds like a solid bet.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Maybe make a deal with Greensock so that Framer users have access to all their premium features from inside Framer studio

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