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Sam Kilbey
Posted Oct 13 - Read on Facebook

Hi, very quick question, how can I get the blue circle to fade in, the same way it fades out? At the moment it just pops back but I was it to gradually expand.



Alan Travis

Animate with repeat Infinity will perform the animation effect from the default state to the specified end state repeatedly... the snap back to the initial state is just the Layer jumping back to it's initial state so the animation can play again "Infinitely"

You have 2 options that I demonstrate here:

You can use Animation objects, and create 2 for each Layer... The first is the default -> pulse state... the second is the "reverse()" animation... Read more about Animation.reverse() here:

The 2nd option is to use states, and the cycle the states between the 2 on an interval.

I personally prefer the look of the code using states, but that's my preference...

check out the example... Hope it helps.

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