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Tommy Sundström
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Trouble with the code? I'm sure many here already know, but to me this was news: Framer has a debugger.

Just write "debugger" anywhere in you code, and the code execution will stop there – if you have the debugger window open. (Open it by clicking “Inspect” in the lower left corner of Framer Code window, or shortcut Cmd-Alt-i.)

Now, what you will see is the messy javascript code, not your original nice coffeescript. Still, it can be quite helpful for digging out the information that you need to find your bug.

The tools I find most useful are:

* Hovering over a variable you want to know the value of.

* The details sidebar – a small icon in the top right corner. This shows the current values of all variables.

* Being able to execute the code step by step – controls in the top left corner.


Mohammed Morsi

I knew that it can be opened through inspect but through 'debugger' is news. Thanks for sharing :)

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