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Wonyong Choi
Posted Oct 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello~ Framers!!

I made prototyping for the mail app concept.
I hope you enjoy it. :)

check the prototyping here.



Retika Kumar

I don’t see the fab button in the prototype or the horizontal scroll

Sanghyuk Moon

Sanghyuk Moon

Wow! awesome!!

Manikandan Kandadai

Feedback: Looks awesome. Maybe while scrolling vertically upwards, instead of having the Inbox label move to left immediately, you can try doing that only when the list has reached the top so that it doesn't cover the mail items (you can have a look at the screenshot below)

Andy Chen

Wait what is this device πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Linley Rall

This is too cool!

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