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Jason Sparks
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Working to a deadline and pulling my hair out with this. Why are some of the layers on my second screen not showing?
It appears that they exist off screen, offset somehow. No idea why they are not consistent. On the first screen, click the 'Male' button and observe how on the next screen only the 'Next Question' and 'Back' link are in their correct relative positions. The whole priceContainer isn't in view.


Alan Travis

your problem is with how the layers are pinned.

You're creating a layer that is only 447px of the available 720px for the screen/viewport

With FlowComponent, when you show the next "screen" (Layer) it is consuming the entire 720px.

So, since you're child layers are pinned to the Top of the parent that's why they are being positioned at the top "Behind" the FAT HEADER.

I think the easiest solution is to resize your artboards to 720px high and position the children exactly where you want them within the 447px at the bottom that you intend to use.

Ian McClure

The layers in the FlowComponent are the full size of flow component, which is also the same size as the screen. In your design tab the missing layers have been pinned X distance from the top of the layer which then gets set to the size of the screen and drawn under the header.

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