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Patrick Holowesko
Posted Oct 11 - Read on Facebook

Looking to hire Framer Pros. iOS 11 pull to dismiss notification interaction.


Joshua Miller

Could this post please be more specific? Currently this does nothing but tell the group there’s an available one-time animation sequence you’re desiring for payment. What’s the deadline? Is this posted publicly anywhere? Any additional requirements? What’s the best method to be contacted? Why Framer specifically when many other prototyping tools exist?

Patrick Holowesko

Sure Joshua Miller. The job is posted publicly on UpWork here -

Patrick Holowesko

The deadline for the Job is this weekend. Specifically Framer because I want the ability to play around with the (spring, bounce, resistance, etc.) parameters after and I am most familiar with Framer. This would be a series of back-to-back jobs instead of a 'one-time gig.' I was trying to avoid excessive writing in my original post and get to the point :) Direct Message me if you're available / interested.

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