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Felix Lorsignol
Posted Oct 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I'd like to open a prototype that I've made with the Framer Preview iOS app, but it's unable to open them in-app. Furthermore, my company's network policy doesn't allow to "discover" my Framer Mac app, so I am unable to open the prototypes in app. How can I download the prototypes into Framer app??


Alex Boschmans

There’s another app called Frames - perhaps that one works ?

Felix Lorsignol

Hi, Alex, thanks for the comment, but I can't find any app with this name, either on iPad or iPhone. I did find an app call Frameless which I'll try out.

Kenneth Spry

Yeah, I’m running into security issues too. I can’t use Framer cloud but also can’t open the generated html file locally on mobile browsers. Pretty bummed, but at least I have the desktop simulator.

Tes Mat

Plugging the iPhone in the computer seems to help (my coworking’s WiFi apparently also blocks this port, but it works when I connect the phone over USB)

Nam Dang

if u plug ur phone in (ios 10 and above believe), wait for a fee seconds and it should be discovered in Framer ios 🙂 dont know why, might be a virtual connection or sort of in ios 10. doest work in ios 9 though. may also depends on Mac OS

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