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Posted Oct 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, today I saw a gif online and really curious how to code it in Framer? anyone knows? i know it is pretty hard, but thanks a lot of anyone have any idea about it.


JinJu Jang

Layer.clip + some rotation could make something similar I think! :3

Jonas Treub

Looks like an SVG animation to me. Can’t be done with 3D unless you cheat.

Mårten Björk
Jordan Robert Dobson

Couldn't you just have an animated mask (purple bg), covering the 3d cube, timed to the animation of the cube. Fun effect!

Lukas Guschlbauer

#framerchallenge 😉

Muhammad Athar

I gave up. I wish I knew how to animate SVGs.

Jane Mengtian Zhang got this far without using any svg. Could try insert a 3d layer under the mask and hide it at certain time, but the angles seem a bit glitchy (3d and isometric cubes spin a bit differently).

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