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Arturo Goicochea
Posted Oct 10 - Read on Facebook

I don’t know of an equal or better alternative, feature or community wise, but honest question here: is there any chance/thoughts/possibilities on moving the Framer of Facebook? Why I ask this: the Framer group is the only thing keeping me on Facebook. If it is only my case, please ignore this post, but thought there *might* be other people for whom this is also true?


Emil Widlund

There is quite a big Slack channel for Framer enthusiasts. That could be relevant for you.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I guess Facebook is the easiest platform for this because you can post links and videos really easily and most people still use Facebook lightly

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I can imagine a modern elegant custom web app for Framer users given that a lot of Framer is based in debugging and exploring the library but I understand that must be expensive and hard to maintain

Muhammad Athar

Oh please don't kill Framer Facebook. This is more productive than Framer Slack.

Marc Marius Mueller

What about the community?

German Bauer

Do you see the number at the top right of the FB Framer group?
Exactly - 22,295 Members(76 new) at today's count.
I am pretty sure *moving* them would be inconvenient for many of them.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I’ve come across it a few times telling people to join Facebook Seattle.

Kwame Porter Robinson


Alex Boschmans

What I find difficult is searching for what was posted before. Plenty of coffee script gems and nice examples that I know I have seen before but that I don’t know how to find again. Plus relevancy : if you find what you are looking for it’s probably made using an older version and the syntax has changed once again. It’s great for posting problems and getting answers though!

Derek Nguyen

I'm on the same boat — I'm only on fb for this group... Would be awesome if we could move where else

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