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Mohammed Morsi
Posted Oct 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framer folks,
I've got a question for Framer power users who've been using it for 2+ years. Do you find yourself using Framer Design in really big prototypes or you just code the whole thing? Coz it feels faster to me as for someone who've been using it for 2+ years.
if you also have anything to add please feel free to write a comment below
Thanks 🙌


Koen Bok

I see a lot of hardcore users just code everything up. But I do believe there is a lot of value in combining structure, style and code, and we have an opportunity to do that through design. It's only 4 months old :-)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think the layout tools in the design tab are quite useful. I used to have to write the code for that myself which is not trivial.

Now I scaffold out the layout in design tab and tend to code out the innards of the view myself and use the layout rules from design mode.

It’s a transition though but it saves you a lot of time.

Aalok Trivedi

Yea I find it easier and faster to code my layers instead of using design mode. As long as coded layers and design mode layers are not synced together (ability for coded layers to show up in design mode...or a better solution), I find design mode to be really hard to use as a legit design tool. I use it more for wire framing and proof of concept situations. Still can’t wait to see what the framer team comes up with, though. Product gets better and better with each update

Nomi Sum

I only use framer design to drop some initial graphics I can reference later. Everything else is faster done in code.

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

My workflow has relied fairly heavily on writing the app's core UI components as modules, so I keep the components in sync across multiple prototypes as I iterate and mess around. But I've been on paternity leave for most of the Design mode's existence, so who knows :) Some hybrid workflow might be quicker – like Jordan said, the layout stuff can be a bit tedious to do by hand.

Alvaro Lourenço

Design Tab should offer a way to componentize graphic elements and link them up to a controller class. Until this Design Tab will serve only to raw and hard-coded prototypes.

Mike Johnson

I tend to use the design tab more like grouped components instead of the whole layout with art boards. You can quickly design up groups of layers and just assign them parents in code. This way I get the flexibility of visual layout and more complicated code based things.

Koen Bok

Also, just as a (very biased) data point – more than two thirds of all design you see from the Framer design team is made with Framer Design. Just a few more releases and it will be everything. Try the beta and you'll see what I mean ;-)

Mohammed Morsi

Thanks Koen Bok and for everyone who participated. I'll take your feedback into consideration and hopefully will share my experience with it :)

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