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Dmytro Zaliznyj
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Guys, this is my attempt with my friend that we`ve made during the weekend to implement D3 Library into Framer, we`ve managed to view the chart. But for now, it does not make anything more than that:) Maybe someone will be interested to cooperate on this one.


Alan Travis

When I opened your prototype on my phone I saw the attached graph. I haven't looked at the code yet, but my immediate thought is device width/height issues... Are you using canvas or a specific device?

I'll dig in more later today.

Muhammad Athar

v excited to see this

Davo Galavotti

Hey Dmytro I've been using d3 within framer for quite some time, what do you have in mind? I tried to port some simple bar charts & line charts, but d3 is quite more than that. I ended up doing different implementations with different methods.

I absolutely recommend Britecharts, which is based on d3 v4 but with a reusable wrapper that makes it super simple to implement.

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