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Roy Schmid
Posted Oct 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,
I'm quite new to Framer and only worked on a couple of smaller projects so far. I'd really like to learn a lot more and be more proficient with it, so I was wondering if there are any recommendations on how best to learn Framer, in terms of learning resources (tutorials, videos, books, etc.) I do have a coding background, but a lot of other people that are interested in Framer may not have background.

I've found this Framer eBook online - - and was wondering if anyone would recommend it?

If someone has used it I'd love to hear what your thoughts are... likewise any other good resources (paid or free) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot :D


Jonas Treub

Tes Mat his book has been recommended by many people from the Framer community. It is also kept up to date regularly.

Ayman Elafifi

I downloaded the book and study it and its really interesting and helpful

Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar

And this helps people who don't code to design interactive designs?

Kevin James

I just downloaded it

Muhammad Athar

Hi there, it's a bit out dated but if you want to learn 60% of framer in one place and get a good start, please buy it. Otherwise, you have a choice to learn it through the community, learn by doing, from the docs, or even online tutorials. The writer is the most awesome person in framer community I know. I was reading his Text Layer article today and asked him for help and he did. So, while reading the book, if you need any help, feel free to post here and tag him. He will surely help.

Muhammad Athar

and here are the resources:

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I'd like a more modern version of this wouldn't you agree

Mike Johnson

There are a bunch of free video series up at , though they do not go into the design tab yet.

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