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Cezary Ołowski
Posted Oct 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys!
I'm a total newbie to Framer but I'm really motivated to learn. After completing the course by Pablo Stanley, which was great btw, I wanted to design something more complex. So I started recreating the Instagram app just for fun.
I have a problem with "Stories" section, I want it to be scrollable with a list of photos but I don't know how to do it. Also, I noticed that both scrollComponent are visible when you tap on the first icon "You" to see a story. I bypassed that with a states with opacity:0 but I know that is a dumb solution because they interfere with flow.showPrevious().
If you could explain it to me, it would be great :) Thanks!


Dami Dina

I can't find the last updated version of this -

But I updated it so first two slides scroll horizontally (the code is messy) -

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