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Javier Eduardo Treviño
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

How can I have Framer Preview display custom fonts? they look alright inside Framer Studio and in Safari but when I preview it on my iPhone it defaults to a generic font. is there a specific way to include it? I guess it makes sense that is not being displayed as I added it from Typekit just like I would do in Sketch or Adobe CC. I know there must be a way to include it like in a website but I can't figure out the Framer/CoffeeScript way of doing this


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Javier, you can load fonts from Google using `Utils.loadWebFont` and the latest version of the library also includes TypeKit’s webfontloader which you can use by passing a config to `Utils.loadWebFontConfig` (see how to load fonts from different sources here:

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