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Callum Nowlan-Dias
Posted Oct 04 - Read on Facebook

How can I linearly infinitely animate a layer around the middle of the canvas? An example of what I'm after is attached. What i'm struggling with is setting the point of rotation, what is the most efficient way of doing this


Emil Widlund

Put the circle in a transparent layer towards a corner and rotate the layer normally.

Callum Nowlan-Dias

thanks for replying, that seems the easiest solution for now. I thought there might be something inherent within Framer that allows you to set an anchor point

Emil Widlund

There probably is, but I'm too lazy to think in terms of mathematic equations right now :D

Emil Widlund

Btw, have you tried changing the midX & midY of the layer?

Aalok Trivedi

you could set the originX to .5 and originY to whatever you want. It could be a little tricky for exact placement though. for ex: originY: 2 would place the center point at 2X whatever height of the layer is. Best way it to use some trig but I forget how lol

Jonas Treub

Here is an example:

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