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Alex Maxim
Posted Oct 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys! I am new-new to Framer but I love the whole concept. I have no experience with coding, whatsoever. I work with Sketch & Flinto (for transitions/ animations).

I downloaded the Framer tutorials and I am trying to follow the logic. Would've loved to be able to do screen transitions and connect layers and do micro interactions with autocoding (you undersand why :D )

Is there any other way to understand the syntax and the flow code in Framer, so that I'll be able to do cool prototypes as seen in many examples? Thanks! ;)


Jessawynne Parker

Hi, Alex! Welcome to the Framer club :) I am new to Framer also, and I have found Tess Gadd's cheatsheets for Framer to be super helpful. She does a great job explaining the very basics. Here is a link to her article on Flow Components on Medium : , which is one of many useful cheatsheets

Jorn van Dijk

I really like this course from Pablo Stanley:

Alex Maxim

Thank you, Jorn! I’ll check it.

Jordan Robert Dobson

And just practice and put your code out there for others to comment on and make better. Then look over an understand what they’ve done and how it works. That’s the best suggestion I can give. ☺️

Stephen Crowley

Welcome to the group, Alex! +1 to what everyone has already said. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions! I also find searching keywords in the group helps me find similar questions that may have been asked. Can’t wait to see what you build. 👍

Kevin Mao

I started by reading the entire Code and Programming Guides on Framer's site because I like to have a general understanding of what's possible first, and I never really did any programming before. That way you'll be able to follow along faster to any tutorials you start.

Downloading other people's prototypes and studying how they built them can also be super helpful!

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