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Wolfgang Rispler
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

How does framer handle the font style that are set in designer. A text field with a system font and in code with print text.fontFamily results in null. Actually I am trying to match set system fonts to css styles globally.


Jonas Treub

This can be tricky. Eelco knows all about this.

Eelco Lempsink

Hi Wolfgang, it depends a bit on what you’re trying to do exactly. You can use CSS in Framer as an “escape hatch” and to push the boundaries of what’s built-in, but in general, Framer will never read or be aware of styles set via CSS. Do you have a small example you can share? I think that will help me to show you the next steps.

Wolfgang Rispler

I am working with corporate fonts. While prototyping I use designers typeface dropdown. While working on my machine everythings fine, cause the fonts are on my hd. Uploading the prototype to the cloude breaks my fontdefinitions for third parties who want to review the design as they have not installed the fonts.
Normally I would solve it with a font-face and base64 encoded fonts in a stylesheet, that would be uploaded for the prototype ( or with webfonts of another resource). But I do not want do assign each single textlayer its webfont by script but to get a syncronisation with the typedefinition of designer. I am seeking for the best way to do.
In Axure you have the ability to match css font styles to the fontdefinitions you assigned in the layout. I wonder if one can achieve this in framer to. I a manner, e.g., that all designer fontdefinitions XY get matched to XYFamily in the attached CSS.
Hope I could describe my approach approximately. I have no coded example yet.

Wolfgang Rispler

Hi Eelco Lempsink. Hope you can give me some advices in that matter.

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