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Przemysław Baraniak
Posted Oct 03 - Read on Facebook

What kind of specs for motion design do you make?

When you create animated interaction, you know that making it in Framer is just a first step.

The final solution will amaze users only when front-end developers will implement motion precisely. To achieve that the right specs are needed.

This article includes the comparison of two most popular types of UI motion design specification methods. I believe it may help you make your work more efficient.


Przemysław Baraniak

Nobody is using specs? or maybe code written in Framer is well understandable for Android, iOS and Web developers? I would be really glad if you would like to share your experiences.

Grzegorz Róg

From my experience written specs just don't work well - if they're short, they lack important information, if they're long and detailed - nobody reads them ;) The solution we have is design files handoff in Zeplin and passing the .framer files for the prototype - this is developer friendly and they can extract whatever they wish. Afterwards - just a quick conversations to clear things out and constand designer supervision. Przemek if you are the author - thank you for great insight! Thank you!

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