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Chris Keith
Posted Oct 03 - Read on Facebook

I've been using the text input module with a fair amount of success but it doesn't seem to accommodate multi line input. Can anyone point me to a module that supports that or is there some kinda work around I can pull off?


Chris Keith

one more thing, I also can't adjust alignment of the text. Not sure if that's easy to add to module or what but it'd be mad appreciated.

Kerrie Gallagher

I've been creating multiple Inputs by changing to name like this, NEWNAME_Input = new InputModule.Input. I have a different set for each input field I need.

Chris Keith

I guess I should clarify. I’m looking for the input to wrap the text so it displays multiple lines. Right now it just stays as one really long line.

Ciaran Madigan

If you're using the following module, I have a possible fix for you

Open the file in a text editor.

Ciaran Madigan

...Find the line that reads @input = document.createElement "input"
and simply change "input" to "textarea"

You may run into an issue, I dunno, but it's worked beautifully for me in the past

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