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Sadok Cervantes Rabadan
Posted Oct 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, maybe one of you knows what's going on here.

I'm prototyping for desktop and I want to scroll with the mousewheel but it's not working, does anyone know why? Thanks!


Mårten Björk

Hmm, that's strange. I reproduced the code and it works for me. Is your cursor inside the scroll area?

# My code that works: (Framer Cloud is down...)

scroll = new ScrollComponent

scroll.mouseWheelEnabled = true

scroll.on Events.Scroll, () ->
print Utils.randomNumber()

Home = new Layer
height: 2000

Home.parent = scroll.content

Sadok Cervantes Rabadan

Anyone knows why this is not working? Thanks!

Márcio Ribeiro

It seems you’re not using the scroll component correctly and the drag is only working because the flow component gives that behavior for free ( if the element height > screen.height, than is draggable).

Some notes:
- When you create the scroll the way you did, you should set the scroll area (which defines where is the scrollable area)
- After you set Home as scroll’s child, every time you want to call Home, you should call scroll instead (look how I changed every Home interaction to scroll)
- You should set Home’s x position to zero, since its current value is based on Artboard’s position at Design tab, I think.

Here’s a link with the mouse wheel working:
( You'll probably try new values for some interactions)

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