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Lukas Guschlbauer
Posted Oct 01 - Read on Facebook

🎉 Symbols Update! 🎉

Apart from a lot of other improvements, you can now add common events to your symbols!

A simple example for a use-case would be events that every button has, like hover, active etc...

... Another step closer to making the Framer-Workflow cleaner and easier! 🤓

Hope to get more feedback and would love your contribution on Github!



Pedro Laguna da Rosa

Sick! <3 Looking forward to try it

Alan Travis

I've been studying the code for the past hour. This is very cool, and potentially very powerful...

Do you have a backlog of enhancements you would like to add to this Module?

I saw at the bottom of the README
- Discover support for reuse in other projects
- Discover nested symbols

Is there more?

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