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Kwame Porter Robinson
Posted Sep 20 - Read on Facebook

I'm probably overlooking something extremely obvious, but when following along with the code tutorial at, around 43 seconds a `heart` animate layer is added and a State and Animate properties menu slides in.

But under Framer v101/9693 that context menu doesn't appear and I'm unable to modify the curve properties via the GUI. Should I expect the video behavior to match the most recent version of Framer?

Additionally, when I create an animate layer the console says "Animation: nothing to animate, no animatable properties"


Kwame Porter Robinson

Koen Bok Was told to @ you, see the above; I captured a screen share of this issue:
Rough diagnostic information in the video description

Derek Nguyen

Koen Bok This issue only happens with icon created in the design tab, other shapes are ok

Kwame Porter Robinson

Note: I was trying to following along the Code tutorial here when I encountered this behavior. Maybe a missed regression test?

Koen Bok

Hey weird. I think a bug. Niels can you help?

Kwame Porter Robinson

Koen Bok Anyone know what version I can roll back to where this behavior does not occur and continue with the basic tutorials? see: I don't want to lose out on my 15 day evaluation period because of this bug...

Kwame Porter Robinson

Derek Nguyen (or anyone) do you know what version of Framer did not have this behavior? I would like to jump back to a prior version so that I can continue to evaluate Framer through the tutorials they published.

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