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JinJu Jang
Posted Sep 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone!

This was inspired by a Japanese arcade game called 'Sound Voltex 3' which was full of geometrical awesomeness - made me really want to recreate something similar! Hope you enjoy too. =)

FYI - I'm giving a fun talk at Melbourne Framer Meetup (27th Sep - Wednesday next week), talking about generative art with Framer, filled with interesting & practical examples! If you can make, don't miss the chance! *cough cough* <-- More examples :3


Dennis Kerzig

This is so beautiful :)

Márcio Ribeiro

I'd love to watch your talk about generative art! It will be a live/video version? =) Btw, awesome and beautiful prototype!

Liv Kao

Wowow it's really really nice. Love this work ✨❤️ Will there be live streaming or video record? Can be Mel 😕

Joni El


Carlos Santiago


Carlos Santiago

Joe Alfonso

Kamel Romdhane

Great job!

Muhammad Athar


Jeongmin Kim


Rich Zarick

I really hope we get more Framer art of even 1/10 this quality! Really awesome to see this on the main thread, you deserve a retweet from Framer

Jordan Robert Dobson

This is great! In some ways it’s similar to the ❄️ creator I made over the holidays in 2016

Chloe Takahashi

Love this 💗

Nikolay Telegin

so art deco! nice work!

Anna Fine


Michelle Ruigrok


Wonjun Song


Nathan Wright

Wow this is amazing

Jin Chun

Damn that's sweet

Eric Torleiv

Fantastic. Very creative

Raje Punsalan

Holy crap that's a lot of work I bet! I can barely make a layer animate 😂

Mar High

Wow that's amazing! Good job :D

Christie Day

Joon Choi Enok Erickovich Kim

Sascha Michael Trinkaus

Sweet stuff!!

Jorn van Dijk

This is incredibly beautiful. Well done!

Koen Bok

Sometimes it's just hard to believe what we see people make with Framer. This is definitely up there. What a cool piece of art.

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