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Alan Travis
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone tried integrating something like the dragula.js library into a framer project.

As a test/POC I was attempting to replicate a fiddle I found that combined dom_autoscroll and dragula ( )

My basic setup is as follows
main container Layer
- child Layer (the green)
- ScrollComponent
- content
- for i in [0..15] new TextLayers with text set to " text: i + '. ' + Utils.randomImage().split('/')[3].split('?')[0]"

I was hoping I could simply create a new dragula object and give it the scrollComponent.content as the container of elements.

That wasn't working out for me so I tried pushing each "listItem._element" into my dragula object.

printing the object shows an array of HTMLDivElement objects... but the dragula features do not work...

Has anyone tried and succeeded with a similar experiment?