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Javier Eduardo Treviño
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

is there a way to make layer sizes respond the same way positioning responds to different sizes with help of the inspector ? in other words to make font sizes and layer sizes responsive , not only relative position of layers as we see in all the examples


Niels van Hoorn

Yes, there's two ways to automatically size the layer: pin it to both sides of it's parent (as in the image horizontally), or give it a flexible size as (in the image vertically). The difference is that it keep the distance or the relative size equal, respectively.
To automatically change the font size of a TextLayer, you need some code. You can find an example here:

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I tried to adapt it for my purposes ( I'm designing a responsive project) but I couldn't make it work as I wanted

Javier Eduardo Treviño
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