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Mic Ky
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

Hey peeps,
i need help!

So now i have these autocompletion function and it works…
But, if the user typed in (e.g. Rotbarschfilet) and tap on weiter (further).
Another screen is following. But the text input wrapper is still there….
But after tapping on weiter it shouldn’t be displaying first, only if the user taps on “weitere Zutaten hinzufügen”…


Derek Nguyen

I guess you can add `textInputLayer` into `Artboard_01` so they'll move together

Mic Ky

What do you mean?
My Problem is after confirming Rotbarschfilet and tapping on "weiter" that the text inputllayer is still there. But it has to be there only if the user taps on the line...

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